Paul Harvey Jr. Gives Eulogy for His Father



“A great tree has fallen, an empty place has opened up against the sky.”

These were the words that Paul Harvey Jr. opened with last  Saturday, March 7, a quote from his father’s send-off for President Franklin D. Roosevelt. I am sure that the 200 mourners at the Fourth Presbyterian Church on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago had agreed.

The man who created the words “skyjacker,” “Reaganomics” and “guesstimate” has left the earthly plane, and the outpouring of emotion across the nation shows how much he is missed.

Via The Washington Post:

The son recalled his father’s start on radio for the 200 mourners at the Fourth Presbyterian Church on the Magnificent Mile. When his father first applied for a job on radio, he was given a broom and told to sweep up, Harvey Jr. said.

He went on to share the wealth of accomplishments his father had accumulated over the decades. From the Presidential Medal of Freedom presented to Mr. Harvey in 2005 to his induction into the Radio Hall of Fame (an honor he shared with his wife, the woman he always referred to as “angel”), there was a hefty list.

What I will miss the most, small as it is, is the sound of Paul Harvey’s voice with its staccato delivery saying, “And now — for News!”

Photo courtesy of Vertigojen, used under its Creative Commons license


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6 Responses to “Paul Harvey Jr. Gives Eulogy for His Father”

  1. John Van Diest Says:

    Paul Jr. For years I’ve listened to your dad (he was the master) telling the news. He’s in a better place.
    I’m a publisher and first got acquainted with you through Philip Gulley, whom I published.
    I’m doing a book called UNSOLVED MIRACLES and want to include the MAN AND THE BIRDS in the collection and would like permission to use your dad’s version of it. Can you give permission? Thanks for considering this.
    John Van Diest, Tyndale House Publishers

  2. George Williams Says:

    Mr. Van Diest,

    this is a report about Paul Jr and funeral, not a way to access Mr. Harvey himself. Much as I would like to help I am forced to advise that you contact him directly through official channels.

    Sorry, I’m just a reporter….

  3. chris hampton Says:

    I Really Liked Paul Harvey He Was A Good man And I Used To Listen
    To Him On The Radio Back In the 90s And I’ve Listened To Paul harvey On The Internet And I’m Going To Miss Him So Much

  4. Tim Says:

    We are sitting here drinking and thinking of Paul & remembering what a wonderful guy he really was!!!

    Here’s to you Paul!!

  5. Tom Russell Says:

    I am really going to miss Paul Harvey and “The Rest Of The Story”. Is there anyway to contact Paul Junior? I have 2 really good ideas for him that would honor and give lasting tribute to his father?

  6. Chad Says:

    I have listened to Paul Harvey my whole life and I do miss his news brodcasts.It’s to bad that Paul Harvey Jr. doesn’t keep up the family tradition he sounds a lot like his dad.Good day

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