It’s Raining Radios On Robert Gibbs!



White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs is now immersed in radio. Actually — in radios — plural.

The other day, when Gibbs was fielding questions about the Administration’s recent barbed comments about conservative pundit Rush Limbaugh, he made the comment, “I wish I had a radio.” The response was immediate.

Via Michael Fletcher at The Washington Post:

Well, now he does. ABC News Radio’s White House correspondent Ann Compton delivered a radio to the radioless Gibbs today. It was reportedly accompanied by a note from network Vice President Steve Jones, saying: “You can join the 235 million people weekly that listen to the radio.”

That was only the begining. Our colleagues at The HD Radio Alliance sent Gibbs a radio with an iPod dock and iTunes tagging. WTOP radio analyst Mark Plotkin gave him yet another, reportedly quipping , “Here, enjoy the miracle of radio.”

WIHT-FM, the Washington D.C. Clear Channel affilliate, had loaded up a van with a vast array of consumer electronics that receive radio signal and had brought them to the White House, adding to the growing collection.

Via Kathy Bachman at MediaWeek:

“We at Clear Channel Radio are big fans of White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, and we want him to have a radio!” said CCR in a press statement. “After all, radio played a crucial role in getting Mr. Gibbs his current job. The Obama campaign outspent all others on radio and ran more ads than any other campaign.”

Maybe I should see if I can get him to review some of them….

Photo courtesy of kimberlyfaye, used under its Creative Commons license


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One Response to “It’s Raining Radios On Robert Gibbs!”

  1. Tracy Evans Says:

    Paul Rivival, I already can’t stand the silence how can I here the man! “And the rest of the story” I don’t care if it is reruns maybe on his website? I and Thousands will listen I am sure. What do you think let’s do it!! ya ya

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