Museum of Broadcast Communications Tunes in the Spirit of Paul Harvey



Bruce DuMont, founder and president of the Museum of Broadcast Communications, is invoking the spirit of a radio legend.  The Museum itself has been through many ups and downs due to broken promises of funding from recently ousted Illinois Gov. Blagojevich. In fact work on the site is currently suspended due to outstanding bills. Nonetheless DuMont remains sanguine about the fate of both the Museum and the Radio Hall of Fame it will house.  New administrations in Illinois and Washington, D.C.,  provide a possible light in the tunnel.

In the meantime, staying optimistic, he looks to the future. As Phil Rosenthal at the Chicago Tribune shows, Mr. DuMont is looking forward by honoring the past:

Following Harvey’s death this weekend at age 90, DuMont has decided the museum, assuming it is finished, will rename the special-events venue that is to take up its fourth floor.

The Paul and Angel Harvey Center will honor the broadcaster and his wife of 68 years and longtime producer, Lynne, who died in May.

As the coming weeks approach, I feel we will be seeing many more instances like this. The honors and tributes offered up by passionate fans to this man who came into our living rooms, cars, and headphones for six decades. It is a true testament to Mr. Harvey’s force of personality and to the power of radio itself.

Go take a look at the museum website, there is a video of Paul Harvey talking about why it’s important.

Logo  courtesy of MBC Press Page


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