Extending Their Reach: Talk Radio App For iPhone



One thing just starting to really be leveraged on the iPhone is its Core Location technology. Sure, there are location-based apps like BrightKite and UrbanSpoon that utilize it, but the Talk Radio app from Juicy Development really makes it sing.

Already quite popular, just like talk radio itself, the application allows you to find and listen to both local and national radio streams. In addition, it provides you with a directory of non streaming stations within range. Yes, you guessed it, all talk.

Now anyone who travels a lot will find this to a be a great app to have on their iPhone. In over 30,000 cities across the U.S., you can immediately locate and stream whatever flavor of political polemic or cultural analysis is locally available. If nothing streaming grabs your attention, you may dig through the directory and find something you can tune in on your dashboard radio.

Via PRMac:

At the requests of customers and radio networks, Talk Radio has added Thom Hartmann, one of the most listened to progressive talk show hosts in the nation, and NPR with stations ranging from New York to Hawaii. Other recent additions include the Midnight Trucking Radio Network and Bill O’Reilly.

Product manager David Kyle said “We have had so much interest from users, hosts, and radio networks, that we are having a hard time keeping up with the requests. Just this week, we received several emails from our customers that said they are replacing their XM subscriptions with our app. To say it is exciting is an understatement!”

Like many new applications, Talk Radio has a learning curve, although in this case I mean that the app itself learns.  As you change the info to your own tastes, it saves those changes to its internal database. It also refreshes with new station and host info with up to data details each time the program is run.

Either one of these features alone would be worth having, but combining the two was a very forward thinking move on the part of Juicy development. All in all, a useful tool for the traveler be they on vacation, driving for a living, or just frequently bouncing from city to city on business. For $2.99, it comes cheap.

If you’d like something a bit more visual, check out this YouTube video overview that Juicy has on their channel.

Photo courtesy of ycanadanews, used under its Creative Commons license


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