Jaguar Makes HD Standard on Their 2010 Line


Well, the Chicago Auto Show this year brought some noteworthy news for radio. Their 2010 line of vehicles will come with HD Radio as a factory installed standard!

Via their press release:

“Jaguar is committed to being at the forefront of adopting innovative media and HD Radio technology is part of that vision,” said Nick Gionis, Senior Manager, Jaguar Infotainment. “We’re raising the bar by delivering the most pristine sound quality and copious programming variety standard to give our customers the best audio experience that they have come to expect from the Jaguar brand.”

That is right, folks, the joy of digital for your daily commute. Digital AM for talk radio buffs, digital FM for music fans, data services, and, of course, the extra channels and additional content HD provides. This looks like news that the Beltway crowd in D.C. should be excited about, that’s for sure.

Ever since last year’s NAB show in Vegas, I have been waiting for this sort of news to break. It was at that event that technology was debuted which dropped the “cost of entry” for adopting HD, bringing it closer to the mainstream listener. At that time, many of us were speculating about how long it would take to become a standard for autos. Now we know.

As modern Americans, we tend to spend an amazing amount of time in our cars. Ask anyone on the upper East Coast about the “joys” of commuting. Ask any college student about taking road trips. We spend hours upon hours behind the wheel on average. It only makes sense to have the widest array of audio entertainment possible while sitting in the driver’s seat, especially if mind numbing traffic is involved.

So how long do you think it will take before we see this occur with the non-luxury models on the road? Let me know your thoughts!

Photo courtesy of Tambako the Jaguar, used under its Creative Commons license


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