Muze: Rolling out in Cincinnati


muzeAccording to our colleagues over at the Radio Advertising Bureau (one of the groups behind this blog),  radio’s off-air sector (especially online marketing) continues to expand. Year-to-date revenue increases of nine percent in Q3 2008 as compared to 2007 found in their report support my assertions about radio’s growth into the Internet and mobile sectors.

Of course, one of the bugaboos that consistently rears its head when speaking of radio efforts in the online arena has always been how to properly distill quantifiable numbers from the web based experiments. Enter Web Media Tools, LLC,  a company specializing in online marketing and promotions solutions. According to their recent press release, WMT will begin using MuzeMusic 2.0 in conjunction with four test stations in the Cincinnati area.

WMT is already known for providing games, photo galleries and other online interactivity for their media clients which act as data capture points for email marketing. Muze specializes in digital sampling and discovery services, basically allowing listeners to locate, share, and purchase music easily and immediately when surfing the web.

From the press release:

“Muze was a strategic choice because of the breadth and depth of its offering, the quality of its editorial and its discovery capabilities,” says Ed Estes, CEO and President, Web Media Tools. “With Muze data available on their sites, our clients can offer an enhanced experience and increase Web traffic. With more users on their sites, the stations have more opportunities for sponsorships and advertising revenue.”

I’m very interested in seeing how their four-station test goes. I am sure we will see many approaches taken as companies continue to find their footing in the fluid and protean world of the Internet.


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