DJ Jack Speaks: An Interview with the World’s Youngest Radio DJ



A few weeks ago, I wrote about DJ Jack Hill, a young (and I mean young!) man who holds the title of being the World’s Youngest DJ. Holding the Guinness World Record, this eight-year-old is a phenomenon! Well, writing about him was not quite enough for me, so I got in touch with his father via email and arranged this brief interview.  Since Jack is only eight years old, his father Robert is the one answering most of my questions. Enjoy!

Radio2020: So how did Jack get started with radio?

Robert Hill: Jack played a local gig at Grove Park, The Weston Super Mare, “Unsigned Music Live”. Darren Daley, the radio controller and breakfast show presenter spotted Jack and was impressed with both Jack’s show and the response from the crowd. He instantly offered Jack his own show on Star Radio.

Radio2020: I gather there is a special show planned with Jack joining Stefano Vennari on the air in Italy. Would you tell us about the event and about what led to it?

Robert Hill: Stefano saw Jack in the 2009 edition of Guinness Book of Records where  Jack is listed as the Youngest Club DJ. He contacted Jack to arrange a meet up to discuss making a new world record. Although we have still never met Stefano in person, his radio station and sponsors have paid for Jack to visit Italy as a guest of honour. While there, Jack will present a 3-hour radio show introducing songs as well as reading news and emails.  He will be assisted by a Italian boy/girl who will translate what Jack is saying [For more info on the show with Stafano Vennari click here.]

Radio2020: What is Jack’s favorite style of music?

Robert Hill: Jack’s music taste is very grown up. He likes classics like Billy Ocean, Queen, Abba and Blondie. He also likes Mika, Madonna and Katie Perry. His favourite music to mix is dance.

Radio2020: What have you, as parents, done to help incubate this amazing talent?

Robert Hill: Jack’s talent is only down to Jack himself. He is obsessed with anything to do with music or DJ’ing. At three years old he had a starter DJ kit because of his interest in music. He would spend hours playing and introducing songs in his bedroom. He also used to help me with some children’s parties and I suppose he emulated what I did to a certain degree. At 5 he took a more active role and would actually announce at my disco’s and play songs, something that realy impressed people. At school all his pictures were of disco lights and equipment.

Radio2020: What plans do you have, as a family, to help Jack advance as a DJ in the coming years?

Robert Hill: I am just going to wait and see what happens. Obviously if anything came up that could help develop Jack I would be interested. Jack is currently having paid lessons to improve his beat mixing and scratching- even his teacher Garaeth Clegg ( aka DJ Kickback) can’t believe how good Jack is.  Mr. Clegg has  said Jack is better than a lot of his grown-up students. I am really happy with his radio show and with Star Radio.  They are really good to Jack and he is improving all the time. The staff all really look after him and he learns a lot from Darren Daley.

Radio2020: So guys, what is your favorite thing about radio, Jack?

DJ Jack Hill: It’s fun! I like being recognized for being on Star Radio. I really enjoy my time at Star, its a job I want to do in the future.

Robert Hill: It’s a safe environment for Jack to learn in. Everyone at Star is really a king and they treat Jack really well. It’s great for Jack to be heard by lots of listeners.

Radio2020: Jack, what is the best thing about being a DJ?

DJ Jack Hill: I like to practice mixing and when I play gigs, I get money. I usually buy new equipment with it. I have my own full size professional equipment and I know what are the best speakers, decks and microphones. I had a Shure SM58 for Christmas and a laser light!

Radio2020: What are your favorite radio shows, gentlemen?

DJ Jack Hill: I only listen to Star 107.7 radio.

Robert Hill: I also listen to Star at the moment. It has great music and all the local news.

Radio2020: And, of course, it has DJ Jack Hill! Thanks for taking the time, guys! Jack, I really look forward to seeing your career grow in the coming years!

Photo of DJ Jack Hill holding his World Record Certificate for “Younget Human DJ” courtesy of Robert Hill, used with permission.


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