Notes From Radio Ink’s Convergence ’09 Event



Radio Ink is not only an esteemed industry publication, but  they also present the annual Convergence event in which industry people come together to strategize, analyze, and share resources.  This year’s event has been underway for a few days now and in my opinion it’s time to check in and see what is being said about radio y the various luminaries attending.

The first thing I lo0ked at was Kurt Hansen’s annual radio roundup, in which he noted the advent of a “new golden age for radio”. Via Radio Ink:

Kurt Hanson kicked off the “Interactive Strategies of Radio Companies” session at Radio Ink‘s Convergence ’09 Tuesday with his annual roundup on the future of radio, and, he said, “Things are getting clearer every year.” Though he believes broadcast radio is in trouble on many fronts, including falling stocks and the prospect of performance royalties, Accuradio CEO Hanson said, “Radio is on the cusp of its fourth Golden Age.” The early days of radio, the Top 40 era of the late ’60s and early ’70s, the ’80s surges in AM talk and FM music were the first three, and the fourth, he said, will be the era of Internet radio.

Read the full article here. It includes some great comments from Emmis Interactive Co-President Rey Mena and Salem SVP/Interactive Media Rick Killingsworth on the subject. Personally, I think he is dead right. It was, after all, not that long ago that television was heralded as the “radio killer.” We all see how accurate that prediction was. Mr. Mena’s comments on a “many to many” relationship model resonate nicely with my own pro-social media stance.

Internet strategist Gordon Borrell of Borrell & Associates noted in his presentationthat radio sites are growing faster than any other local media sites.  Realistic potential for the these websites to  ultimately prove more valuable than the main operation is most certainly present and should be acted upon.[Full Article Here Via Radio Ink] He also stressed radio’s advantages when engaging the online market. Advantages that include include a detailed  understanding of promotions, knowledge of  how to drive traffic, and  community connections/ engagement.

I’ll be taking a look at some of the other news coming out of Convergence ’09 over the next several days. If any readers are attending I would love some first hand news or reports! Also coming soon: Interviews with DJ Jack Hill, the world’s youngest radio DJ, and with Ken George, the New Media Production Manager at WBUR Radio in Boston.

Stay Tuned!

Photo courtesy of Erik Rhodes, used under its Creative Commons license


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