Radio Relevance: An Interview with David Rehr



The evolution of our medium is a constant refrain in my blog posts. It is something that I am passionate about. Today, I would like to draw your attention to a great interview on the topic.

Since the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) is one of the sponsoring organizations behind this very platform, I am especially pleased to point you towards a recent Radio World interview with the NAB’s President and CEO David Rehr where he states,  “There’s never been more innovation in radio than there is today.”

As evidence, he noted that some 100 companies featured new radio devices at the recent Consumer Electronics Show, in a range that encompasses HD Radio to MP3 players. Eight of the top 20 free apps for the iPhone are radio applications, according to the NAB and Radio Advertising Bureau, whose chief executives attended the convention and talked up radio.

Rehr believes “radio is now becoming a more important component to consumer electronics.” He talked with Radio World News Editor/Washington Bureau Chief Leslie Stimson about the consumer market, radio’s economic challenges and how those forces may play out in Washington given the change in administrations.

I highly advise checking out the interview. It covers a lot of ground including possible HD delays due to the DTV transition in February, monetizing multicast channels, and the impact of the current economy.  A lot of it goes hand in hand with my recent posts about radio’s expansion into mobile units (cell phones, PDAs, etc).

Ms. Stimson does a lovely job of it, drilling straight to the point with her incisive questions.  Go give it a read and then come let us know your thoughts here in the comments.  (You can also @reply us on Twitter if you wish.)

Photo courtesy of the NAB


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