The Radio Bookmark



How many times have you been in the car listening to a game or a news story and had to park and get out before it finished? I know it’s happened to me innumerable times. Sometimes the luxury of time is there and you can sit in the car and listen to the end, but far more often that is not the case.

Now there is a gizmo that can solve this problem for some listeners. Some public radio stations are using a device that attaches to your key chain to bookmark stories being broadcast so that you can listen to the rest over the Internet.

Via Jim Finkle at Reuters:

The radio bookmark, which looks like a car-door remote control, logs the time of the show a user wants to pull up. At home, a search engine accessed through a website checks to see what the station was broadcasting at that time and delivers the audio recording over the Internet.

“It’s kinda neat. You just press a button. Then you take it and plug it into your computer and up comes the story,” said Mike Steffon, director of marketing for Boston-based public radio station WBUR.

The devices are being used as premiums for donations, the primary revenue source for public stations. At this point he maker of the devices, Sky Blue Technologies, has no plans to offer the unit to commercial stations. The idea and implementation are worth watching though. While this exact device may not be offered to the commercial broadcasters similar functionality could well be inspired for the iPhone, Blackberry or other portable devices.

The concept is the key. I’ll be quite curious to see what this approach inspires!

Photo courtesy of kozumel, used under its Creative Commons license


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