Radio 2020 Is Going Social



Today I would like to announce something that I am very excited about: Radio 2020 is expanding into social media.

There are three new faces of Radio 2020 on the Internet (and yes, for those interested, I will be helming all of them) that I would like to share with you.

Number One: Twitter – The microblogging platform that most of our readers either use or have read about recently. The Radio 2020 Twitter will allow me to interact more directly with our readers, share links to stories about radio that do not make it to the blog, and develop community amongst radio fans and industry pros.

Number Two: LinkedIn – Undoubtedly the most popular social network for professional use, LinkedIn is an excellent resource for people in our or any industry. The shiny new Radio 2020 Group on LinkedIn is a place for us to network with each other, share resources and discussions, and enhance our potential to collaborate for the betterment of radio across the board. (As a matter of fact, even though it has not been launched until now, this group is already attracting a few members within the industry. An upcoming post will be appearing on this site on a topic suggested by one of these “ahead of the curve” members: David Craig (Account Manager at BT Americas).)

Number Three: Facebook – Probably the social network most recognized y the casual user, Facebook has grown by leaps and bounds over the past two years. As a result, it was the obvious place to interact with many of you out there. As we head into the second month of 2009, it’s time to debut our Facebook Page. Come on by and be one of the first to become a fan. Write something on our wall, share the page with other friends and colleagues with an interest in radio’s evolution. Let’s take things to a new level!

If you know of radio stations or DJs that use any of these three platforms, send them over or let me know about them in the comments. It is my hope to not only use these social media tools to enhance interaction, but I will be periodically featuring posts that highlight radio people using social media as we embrace the interactive world of radio in the 21st Century. You may also use these platforms to suggest possible posts that you would like to see me cover in the future here on the Radio 2020 Blog.

Come on, folks, lets interact!

Photo courtesy of Robert Scoble, used under it’s Creative Commons license


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