Talkin ‘Bout My G-g-g-generation: World’s Youngest DJ Takes to the Airwaves!



This is nothing short of amazing! Holy Radio Announcers, Batman! This kid is eight years old and he already has his own radio show and a world record. I had to wait until I was a freshman in college! For the radio show that is — I never managed the world record part.

To make it easier on those reading this through an RSS feed (in a reader or on the News page of RadioHeardHere), I’m going to link to the videos. Some feed readers have trouble with video embeds so this way no one loses out.

Let’s start with the TV news story about DJ Jack Hill, the world record-setting 8-year-old manning the soundboard at Star Radio 107.7.

[Click For Video from itv’s The West Today]

Wow! And people tell me I’m a ball of enthusiasm? I’ve got nothing on this kid; few do! In all of my prior writing about the next generation of radio talent, I never envisioned being able to share a story like this. That’s one of the things I love about writing this blog: the amazing and inspirational stories I discover while I research what I’m going to write about.

There is just something about that kid that puts a big grin on my face as it reminds me of one of the greatest things about radio (as an announcer): it’s fun.

I believe that radio was the first social media. Call in shows in the dawn of broadcast provided a heretofore unknown level of interactivity compared to what had gone before. (I also saw someone refer to radio as “the original wireless device” recently but I cannot recall where.) It’s that connection that fuels the popularity of our industry’s greatest announcers be they DJs, sportscasters, or talk radio personalities. When the on-air voice is having a great time, the listeners often do as well. In my experience, being on the air is fun at a very visceral level. Now think about that while you watch the following two-minute video as the World’s Youngest DJ sends you off with something upbeat!

[ DJ Jack Hill Breakdown]

For more on DJ Jack Hill check out the article on the World Records Academy Website

Oh yeah!

Photo courtesy of Intangible Arts, used under its Creative Commons license


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4 Responses to “Talkin ‘Bout My G-g-g-generation: World’s Youngest DJ Takes to the Airwaves!”

  1. Tariq Enan Says:

    What a great read that was!! DJ Jack is a top kid, great presenter and a massive ball of proffessionalism and enthusiasm!!

    Just wanted to say nice one for picking up on the story, he is definatley one to watch for the future!!

  2. George Williams Says:

    Thanks for the props! I had to do a piece on this kid, I knew it the second I saw the YouTube Video.

    I cannot wait to see what he is up to in ten years!

  3. bob hill Says:

    as jacks dad, i have to say a big thankyou to george for featuring this story and to all the staff at star radio, who really look after him, jack loves working with darren daley. jack has three world records now youngest dj age 6- youngest club dj age 7- and now youngest male radio presenter age 8. jacks story is quite remarkable,he has been a dj since he was 3, playing his first paid live gig when he was 6, featuring in guinness book of records at 7 and now having his own radio show at 8. he also sets up his own equipment, knows some beat mixing, uses technics 1210’s, denon dns 5000’s and he is also very techinical knows everything about speakers,mics decks etc. jack is a natural as soon as he comes in from school he is on his decks while his brothers play their computers.
    whether jack becomes a big star or not in the future is not important as long as he enjoys what he is doing and his job remains fun!

  4. George Williams Says:

    Thanks a lot Bob! It’s great to get those additional tidbits of info straight from the family! Your son is an amazing young man.

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