Sound Exchange and Public Broadcasters Reach Royalty Accord



While all eyes are focused on Washington, D.C., today for the historic inauguration of Barack Obama, other issues of import are occurring despite being eclipsed from the spotlight. One of those is the fact that the  long-running dispute over webcasting royalties has now been partially resolved.

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting and SoundExchange have reached an agreement establishing both the royalty rates and payment plan for streaming music between January 1, 2005, and December 31, 2010.

Via Sci-Tech Today:

“This important agreement will ensure that the artists heard on public radio station Web sites will receive compensation and will enable public radio webcasters to continue to meet their public service, nonprofit missions,” Pat Harrison, chief executive of CPB said in the statement.

So that still leaves us with the question of how things are going to shake out on the for-profit end of the spectrum. The Sci-Tech article goes into much greater depth than I am able to here so I advise giving it the once over. As our stations expand into the new frontier of cyberspace, these royalty issues are of incredible importance. Decisions made here will directly affect the evolution of the medium.

The National Association of Broadcasters, which represents […] traditional stations, said it looks forward to sitting down with SoundExchange “to craft equitable streaming rates that enhance the online music experience and expose more artists to our listeners.”

In the meantime, this is big news for public radio across the board.

Photo courtesy of A., used under its Creative Commons license


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