Radio Marks MLK Day With Support of Obama’s Call To Service



History is made every day, come rain or shine. This year, we start off with a variety of history being created before our eyes, both good and ill. From the global economic downturn to the inauguration of the first African-American President of the U.S., we are surrounded by events of massive scale and import as we enter 2009.

For most Americans, the inauguration of President-elect Obama is the biggest of these. With less than a week left before he assumes his position and duties, the buzz is omnipresent. The fact that Inauguration Day is the day after Martin Luther King Day creates a lovely symmetry showing how far we have come as a nation. Granted, we still have a long way to go — trust me, I live in New Orleans. After the past three years, the role of race here is common knowledge. Still, to see this occur in an age when many people’s great grandparents were slaves is momentous.

As he prepares to assume the seat of Commander-in-Chief, our future President has put out a call to Americans to commit to community service. As someone who has always done so myself, I applaud this, and so do the people behind Radio2020. The National Association of Broadcasters* has put out its own call to action in support of the President-elect and is urging stations across the U.S. to air special King Day PSA’s from Dr. King’s birthday on January 15 through King Day itself on January 19.  (The PSA’s were created by the Corporation for National and Community Service.)

Radio Online shares this from David Rehr, the NAB President and CEO:

“Local radio stations are among the most committed public servants in America and are uniquely positioned to reach millions of listeners in this important call to action,” said NAB President/CEO David K. Rehr. “NAB salutes the legacy of Dr. King, and we encourage citizens nationwide to give back to their local communities in his honor.”

I know that I plan on putting in some time in addition to my usual efforts.  Even more than most communities, we understand the need for this sort of service; it is the backbone of what is bringing us back from the brink Katrina almost pushed us over.

*The NAB, RAB and HD Radio Alliance are the forces behind this blog, for more read our About page.

Photo courtesy of satomiichimura, used under its Creative Commons license


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