Drinking, Driving and Broadcasting


Content is key. That’s a truism no matter what the medium in question might be. If there is not interesting content, no one will interface with it, whether online or over the airwaves.

With the holiday season upon us, there are a number of common topics that one continually runs across. One of those is the imbibing of alcohol. Holiday parties, New Year’s Eve toasts, Twelfth Night parties and more contribute to the festive omnipresence of booze. Home Town Radio found a terrifically interesting way to highlight that subject with an emphasis on safety.

Via Bethany Monk at the Amador Ledger Dispatch:

If you feel buzzed, you’re drunk, said Ron Olivero after he took a sip of his eighth shot of brandy Friday morning at the HomeTown Radio station.

Olivero, special events manager at the Jackson Rancheria Casino, Hotel and Conference Center, was one of HomeTown Radio’s volunteers Dec. 19 during its early morning research project at the station in Jackson. To give listeners personal accounts of the potential dangers of drinking and driving, the radio station, along with the California Highway Patrol’s Amador Division, held a three-hour alcohol consumption/blood alcohol content study. The event was broadcast live from 6 to 9 a.m. on the station on the SCA band of KLMG-FM, Volcano Vision Channel 12 and streaming online at http://www.htradio.net.

In order to illustrate the hazards of drunk driving, the station had a group of guests including Mr. Olivero as well as  Jack Mitchell, publisher of the Ledger Dispatch, HomeTown Radio owner and GM Jim Guidi,  Brandi Ehlers, the station’s news director,  and producer/on air personality Lucy Hackett get tipsy on the air. Well, maybe more than tipsy. Eight shots of brandy?  As they had their drinks, which were spaced out over regular intervals, local law enforcement was on hand to administer the breathalyzer tests.

Most participants were amazed to see how quickly their blood alcohol levels reached the “legally impaired” threshold. Go check out the original article cited above for their detailed reactions.

This is a fantastically creative way to get this point across. I can easily see listeners tuning in who otherwise would not, just to hear these folks getting schnockered on the air. Not only a public service, this needs to be applauded for its creative and unique approach.

Photo courtesy of Craig Anderson used under its Creative Commons license


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