Pandora and Sprint: The Team Up


Something fun just came through the pipe. It seems Pandora and Sprint have forged an alliance. Sprint customers have a lot to be excited about with this new arrangement; they’ll be able to access Pandora for free on more than 20 models of mobile phones on the Sprint network. Current subscribers to the paid service ($2.99/month) will discover that fee no longer appears on their monthly bill.

All Sprint customers will be able to access the Pandora application as long as they have a data plan and a compatible handset. The Samsung Instinct (pictured above) comes to mind handily.

Sprint has always had a good relationship with Pandora. As a matter of fact, they were the first carrier to launch a mobile version back in the mists of time (May of 2007).

Via the press release on MarketWatch:

“This is a very significant move for Sprint and for the mobile industry more broadly,” said Tim Westergren, Founder of Pandora. “Internet radio is rapidly expanding off the desktop and we’re thrilled that we can now offer Pandora for free to Sprint’s customers”.

Photo courtesy of Rachel Kramer Bussel, used under its Creative Commons license


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