Talk Radio is Now The Most Popular Format in the US



Well, it looks like there is a new number one format in the world of radio. As David Hinckley reports in his column for The New York Daily News, “A new count by the trade publication M Street shows there are now 2,064 news/talk stations, up 40 since November 2007. Country, which has had the lead for many years, lost 30 stations since last year and now is on 2,024.”

So, the new format rankings break out as follows:

  1. Talk Radio
  2. Country Radio
  3. Contemporary Christian
  4. Spanish Radio

The list looks like a study of expanding markets to me. According to Hinckley, the Contemporary Christian format has almost doubled in size over the past decade, and it is common knowledge that Spanish Radio is growing by leaps and bounds.

I’m sure the exuberant political season we just went through provided a boost for talk radio, helping it get to the top of this list. Since the format tends to be mostly conservative, I’m sure that an incoming liberal administration to the White House will help keep them there. After all, pundits on either side thrive when faced with adversity or perceived adversity.

I would also predict that there is a very serious chance we will see Spanish Radio continue to climb the ranking ladder over the course of this next year.

Photo courtesy of borrowed time – demi brooke, used under its Creative Commons license


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