TargetSpot: Confidence in the Face of the Recession


, who I have written about before due to their online advertising deal with CBS Radio, is pretty sanguine in the face of the economic trials facing America. At least that is the tenor of the interview that the head of TargetSpot, Douglas Perlson, gave to Deborah Yao of the Associated Press recently:

New York-based TargetSpot will handle online ads for more than 1,000 stations, including those owned by terrestrial broadcasters such as CBS Radio, which is an investor in TargetSpot, and Internet-only radio sites such as those on AOL and Live 365.

Partly because this market is nascent, “our business has a good shot at more than doubling in 2009,” Perlson said. His company does not disclose sales figures.

Pearlson’s two-year-old company does seem to be at the ready when it comes to positioning. With the Library of Congress’ Copyright Royalty Board raising the royalties for online music last year, any viable means of monetizing further seems worthy of a trial run. Having landed clients such as Wal-Mart and Macy’s, the company already has a solid track record. Add in the ability to not only manage ad spots for streaming radio, but also the ability to track the effectiveness of those spots and the package becomes a very appealing one.

Even though Congress has passed a bill to support any independent negotiation for better rates and terms, the future is still uncertain for online royalties. As literally the only company specializing exclusively on online ads, they have uniquely placed themselves at a critical juncture point for radio.

I have the distinct feeling this company’s name will be coming up a lot in 2009.

Photo courtesy of Son of Groucho, used under its Creative Commons license


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