Happy 30th, Radio Wales!



As we roll into the holiday season, I would like to offer my best wishes and congratulations to Radio Wales, which recently turned 30!

At 6:30am on November 13, 1978, the equation changed radically for Welsh radio listeners as Radio Wales (RW) began its first full broadcast. This marked an important transition in format as the move to original content with a local basis began. Prior to RW’s launch, the frequency was populated exclusively with content taken from other BBC operations.

Gary Marsh of WalesOnline notes:

Based at its Cardiff studios, Welsh radio had until then been an “opt-out” from the BBC networks , such as old Home Service and BBC Radio 4.

The launch of BBC Radio Wales was followed by BBC Radio Scotland two weeks later.

The first show on BBC Radio Wales was AM, presented by Anita Morgan – the station’s first-ever voice.

In the intervening 30 years, they have introduced broadcasts from a variety of other Welsh townships, and have even sponsored a light aircraft. The station has also, as many do, produced some recognizable names (at least if you are a fan of the BBC like I am) that have become major players in the UK radio scenes including Rob Brydon, Simon Weston and Colin Jackson.

Wales is  lovely place; my father’s side of the family is originally from there and I have traveled to its green hills myself back in the ’80s. While it defies the common perception of being exclusively rural, it is a country that has at its core a pronounced streak of localism. Numerous small towns dot the landscape, many of them existing just as they did 100 years ago. The sense of community is almost tangible. To me, this explains the success of Radio Wales. Like all good radio, it has made itself a part of the community.

Photo courtesy of trialsanerrors, used under its Creative Commons license


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