Launchcast To Reboot with CBS Radio



Looks like Yahoo is going to do a bit of reconfiguring for 2009. In the wake of their announcement last September about their deal with Rhapsody comes a new strategic partnership, this time with CBS Radio.

Since their Launchcast platform is limited to users surfing the Internet using Internet Explorer, it leaves out a significant portion of the market, Mac and Firefox users in particular. It’s a wise move to partner with an established player in the audio content field. In addition, CBS brings a lot of content and advertising expertise to the table.

Via Michael Arrington on The Washington Post:

CBS provides streaming for 144 owned radio stations, as well as providing some Internet-only content.

CBS will also take over ad sales for Launchcast, offering advertisers both display, video and audio ads.

It looks like the new configuration goes live in the first quarter of 2009, and once more it looks like a positive collaboration of online radio and traditional radio. Like the separate sets of genes imparted to a child at conception, this will be the DNA that determines how the future will grow. I’m excited to see it happen!

Photo courtesy of Ross Murray, used under its Creative Commons license


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