Debut of One Touch Stations for iPhone!



Remember that One Touch iPhone Application I wrote about recently? The one that allows you to go directly to an individual station’s stream without having to dig through a directory? Well, it has now gone live.

Greater Media, Inc., parent company of 23 AM and FM radio stations on the East Coast, has the distinction of being the first radio company in the U.S. to purchase and utilize the application. WBOS-FM in Boston, WRAT-FM in New Jersey, WRIF-FM in Detroit and WMMR-FM in Philadelphia are now the first radio stations stateside to tap the iPhone market this way.

Via MarketWatch:

“Everyone knows that the key for radio is to get its streams on mobile devices, and the iPhone is the most popular, buzz-worthy mobile device,” said Jacobs Media General Manager Paul Jacobs. “With this application, stations will not only be able to stream on the iPhone, but listeners will be able to access the stream with a touch of the station’s icon on the device, instead of scrolling through lists of stations.”

Here we are a mere week after my first post on the subject, and practical implementation is already happening. Finally, “presets” for the iPhone. After all, whether you listen at home or in your car, I am sure that you have a certain set of stations that you bounce between. With this, each one is a single click away, bringing a convenience of traditional units to the most popular handset in the U.S.

Jacobs Media is really on to something here, and the fact that each station’s app uses the logo as its icon is fantastic. That element alone provides consistent, nearly subliminal branding simply by being on the iPhone screen.

Photo courtesy of William Hook, used under its Creative Commons license


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