Happy Thanksgiving!

The Legendary Turducken!

The Legendary Turducken!

Regular posting will resume tomorrow. In the meantime, my family and I will be enjoying a fine old Louisiana tradition, the turducken! What, you may ask, is a turducken? It’s a boneless chicken stuffed into a boneless duck, stuffed into a boneless turkey. Once the birds have been stuffed into each other, I like to fill the center with Creole style-dressing. It simply cannot be beat!

May this Thanksgiving be wonderful for all our U.S. readers, and especially for those who are hard at work at your local radio stations bringing you music and entertainment as you make the drive to whatever family gathering(s) you might attend. If you think of it, call in and wish them a happy holiday!

Photo courtesy of mrflip, used under its Creative Commons license


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  1. bestbyfarr Says:

    Looks awesome, check out mine


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