Salt Lake City Radio Market Hits Top 30 Mark

Salt Lake City Hall

Salt Lake City Hall

According to Arbitron, things seem to be rosy for Salt Lake City, UT, this holiday season. It seems that the area has broken into the big time as far as radio markets are concerned. I’ll allow Lynn Arave of the Deseret News to be the one to break the news since he is a Utah local:

The Salt Lake radio market has hit the top 30 mark.

Arbitron, the company that ranks radio listening, recently rated the Salt Lake market as the nation’s 30th largest radio area. Arbitron ranks more than 300 U.S. radio markets based on total population.

Not bad at all, and news that I am sure advertisers will be paying attention to as well. While New York, LA, and the windy city of Chicago maintain their positions as numbers one, two and three, the “Crossroads of the West” is moving into their elevated echelons. That’s quite the holiday gift for the broadcasters there.

On an interesting side note, Mr. Arave’s article also includes some amusing “local color” tidbits about the 30th largest radio market in the US. My two favorites are the DJ covered in duct tape and the community complaints about holiday music hitting the airwaves the day after Halloween.  Take a glance; it’s a short piece.

Photo couresy of Mdrewe used under its Creative Commons license


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