Entercom Making a Splash With Micro Channels



Entercom is evolving. Soon, according to announcements, they will be launching a variety of new Internet-based options to their arsenal. I have always stressed the evolution aspect of radio growth in the modern day, so the fact that I love this idea should shock no one.

It seems the top five radio group has entered a deal with SplashCast to expand their offerings and take them viral.

Via PRInside.Com:

Starting this week, Entercom will roll out what are called SplashCast micro-channels – virtual, embeddable, interactive TVs – on the Web sites of its music stations. The first to launch is Z104 in Norfolk, VA (www.z104.com). Entercom’s music radio stations will use the micro-channels to serve up fresh, original, regularly updated local content, including video coverage of events and concerts, exclusive interviews, photos, music and news. Each station’s community of listeners can also contribute content and interact via SplashCast micro-channels, or embed them on their social networking profiles or other Web pages. Entercom’s online strategy also provides advertisers with effective new marketing opportunities in local markets.

More local content, more interactivity, and many more options all loom with the debut of this new partnership. SplashCast is a leader in Internet content syndication, creating a wide array of embeddable content that can go viral through online social networks. Just the type of strategic alliance that makes a perfect fit for radio.

I’ll be monitoring Facebook and other platforms over the next few weeks and see how long it takes before I start seeing these around. For this sort of spread, the community aspect is imperative I just hope that they manage to maintain the dialogue necessary to have social media work for them. On the Internet, interactivity and transparency are key. If whoever is shepherding their social media efforts understand this then we could be seeing a major step forward for Entercom. I hope so; I love seeing radio evolve!

Photo courtesy of pasotraspaso, used under its Creative Commons license


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2 Responses to “Entercom Making a Splash With Micro Channels”

  1. Tom Turnbull Says:

    Thanks for the mention. Feel free to check in with us later for an update.
    Tom (SplashCast)

  2. George "Loki" Williams Says:

    Thanks for stopping by Tom, I certainly shall!

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