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With a major announcement, National Public Radio (NPR) has grabbed my attention. It seems their board of directors has named Vivian Schiller, the general manager of The New York Times‘ website, as the new president and CEO.  She will take the reigns from Interim CEO Dennis Haarsager effective January 5.

Schiller brings a broad range of media experience, gained over more than 20 years, to the table. Up until now, her focus has been television and the Internet, but that does not invalidate the skill set that she does have.

Via The Canadian Press:

At The New York Times, she led day-to-day operations of the newspaper’s Web site.

She previously spent four years as a senior vice president and general manager of the Discovery Times Channel, a joint venture of the newspaper and Discovery Communications.

She also has worked as a senior vice president at CNN Productions, where she oversaw production of documentaries and news series.

Her most recent experience will be invaluable seeing as how NPR remains at the forefront when it comes to leveraging online resources. Add in the news and documentary experience gained at CNN and Discovery and she seems like a perfect fit all the way around. Schiller fills the position vacated by Ken Stern after a decade as CEO.

It will be interesting seeing where her tenure will bring NPR in coming years. Her online experience is pretty obviously one of the reason for this choice. I’m sure that the ongoing integration of technologies like Twitter will continue to escalate. (By the way, if you want a really fun Twitter feed from NPR to follow try Andy Carvin. Tell him Radio2020sent you!)

I would like to join all of our fellow industry folks in welcoming Ms. Schiller to the wild and woolly world of radio in the 21st Century!

Photo courtesy of Collapse the Light, used under ts Creative Commons license


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