Spanish Radio in Houston – Guess Who Is Listening?



Houston, Texas, is all abuzz since the city managed to land this year’s Latin Grammy awards. It is a city with a thriving Latin culture and the rightly named MEGA 101 to sustain them musically. In fact, the success of Mega 101 has helped spur the development of Houston as a hot spot for Latin radio by attracting groups such as Reik from Mexico City to the area.

What is really interesting is that the listenership is far from all Latin. Via Vincente Arenas on

“A lot of the people, they like the beats. They like the music, and it’s so easy for just anybody to like the sound of the music. It doesn’t matter who you are,” Ellie Escobar said.

“We actually have a lot of people that call and ask about the songs, and we have to spell the name for them because they are like, ‘How do you pronounce that?” Mega 101 morning show producer Valentin Gallegos said.

Using radio to reach American Hispanics is something that has been, rightly, gaining increased attention over the past several months. (I had the pleasure of meeting some people heavily involved with Hispanic Media that I am hoping to have provide some guest content here soon, keep your eyes peeled.) As the fastest growing demographic in the country, more and more are starting to realize that Latin Radio can be a huge piece of the pie.

What I have yet to see is more articles like this one that talk about the draw that Latin Radio can have for the non-Hispanic listener. This is a great example of why it is important to realize we are ow in a truly multicultural world, and need to adjust our strategies accordingly.

Photo courtesy of little black spot on the sun today, used under it’s Creative Commons license


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