Captioned Radio Allows Deaf to Participate in Obama Victory



As the nation looked on, History was made, history with a capital “H.” People were glued to radio, TV, the Internet, and often several of these media at once. It was one for the books, ending earlier than expected and with landmark speeches from both sides at the close. In Maryland, there was one very special group that tuned in.

Via Maryland Newsline‘s Laurie White:

About 30 deaf and hearing-impaired people visited National Public Radio headquarters election night to watch the words of the station’s returns as they scrolled across a screen.

NPR partners with Towson University and Harris Corp. to provide accessible radio for deaf and hearing-impaired people through a high-definition radio and captioning system.

NPR Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Mike Starling said that stations in Baltimore, Boston, Phoenix and Denver,  in addition to American University’s WAMU, broadcast on election night with this technology.

I cannot think of a better way for this to debut! History in the making across so many levels, with radio in there (ubiquitous as always) delivering a first of its own. I can only imagine the mindset of the people in that test audience.

The youngest President. The first biracial President. The first social media-driven campaign. A total sweep as a new party assumes control. And radio with subtitles.

It’s music to my eyes!

Photo courtesy of Jetheriot used under its Creative Commons license


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