Election Day!


So here it is. After months of rhetoric, polemic, and vitriol, the race for the White House culminates today! NPR is providing comprehensive coverage here, Bloomberg’s election coverage will run across radio/print/tv, and bloggers around the world will be frantically typing away on their keyboards as the votes are tallied.

President George W. Bush has gone on the radio to share his final comments on the election in his weekly radio address to the nation. Of course, the Democratic response hit the airwaves shortly thereafter. In Northern Colorado, Regent Broadcasting is preparing for  the event by making all five of their radio stations commercial free the day after election day. According to interviews with their Operations Manager, it is a show of thanks for sticking with the stations during the election ad mania of the past few weeks.

As both sides of the political divide marshal armies of litigators ready to contest any perceived inconsistencies in the process, the average voter prepares for what could well be several hours in line waiting to cast his or her ballot. I wonder how many of them will be listening to the radio through their mobile device or mp3 player?

All the while in the background, the High Court revisits the concept of obscenity in broadcasting, with potentially far-reaching repercussions.

Go vote! Be part of the process!

Photo courtesy of Edu_Tuourist, used under its Creative Commons license


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