An MP3 Player with FM and AM Tuner? Sports / Talk Here We Come!


The C. Crane Witness is a new gadget hitting the market, and like many of my favorites, it’s a gadget with a twist. It’s no secret that FM tuners are hot when it comes to MP3 players and mobile phones. Just look at the popularity of the iPod’s FM tuner as an example. The C. Crane Witness expands upon that theme a bit by adding an AM tuner as well.

While I am sure there are many who are raising eyebrows at the relevance of my prior statement, allow me to expand on that a bit. AM broadcast is the home of two very important species of broadcast: Sports Talk Radio and Political Talk Radio. Since fans of both tend to be very loyal, it will be interesting to see how this little device fares on the market and what others may follow suit.

I would advise stopping by the C|Net website and taking a look at the video review of it that they posted just before Halloween. While the unit lacks ID3 tag sorting or playlist support, it still has a lot going for as this excerpt from the C|Net review shows:

The Good: AM/FM MP3 Player has both AM and FM tuners built in and the ability to schedule recordings from either band. It also offers mic and line-in recording and includes an SD-card expansion slot. It’s easy to use and has a sturdy feel.

Talk Radio on your MP3 player, what a concept!

Photo courtesy of Bob Jagendorf, used under its Creative commons license


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3 Responses to “An MP3 Player with FM and AM Tuner? Sports / Talk Here We Come!”

  1. kwedhal Says:

    It is about time. The C Crane people have produced some excellent radios, especially their AM highly selective tuner that pulls in stations from everywhere. I hope they have the bucks to promote this to the public, as it is sure to be a hit.

  2. chemdude Says:

    It does support ID3 tags. See c crane website for proof.

  3. tim Says:

    c crane builds the best radios in the world!

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