Sonos and RadioTime: Bringing Variety To All your Rooms


RadioTime and Sonos have just debuted a great new collaboration. The Sonos Multi-Room Music System now integrates RadioTime’s technology for locating and tuning in Radio online. The really wonderful part is that it is instantly available as a free download using the Sonos one-button update.

Via the press release:

RadioTime and Sonos enable listeners to tune into the unique personalities and programs that only radio can offer, and do so free of charge without being tethered to a computer.

With RadioTime’s access to over 15,000 stations around the world, with browsing by genre or location, this greatly enhances the entertainment options of Sonos owners. Combined with the “any room in the house” nature of Sonos’ products, I see this as being a great combo. It’s basically whatever you want, wherever you want it.
“Sonos makes it very easy to find all the features that really set live radio apart from streaming music services, and that is critical to broadcasters’ efforts to retain existing listeners and attract new ones,” said Bill Moore, CEO, RadioTime. “Radio is still the only medium that features the on-air personalities, talk shows, music, and up-to-the-minute news, sports and entertainment information that makes radio so great, and Sonos has opened an entire world’s worth of this unique programming to its users.”
Like a musical concierge that goes from room to room with you, this setup can be a musical Alfred to your Batman. Always ready with the right thing handy, even if its something esoteric from halfway around the world.

Photo courtsy of My Alternative Photos, used under its Creative Commons license


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