Audi Goes Standard with HD!


Starting with their 2011 autos, Audi will be making HD radio a standard feature on its cars. That means we, the public, will be seeing it in the vehicles hitting the market in 2010.

Priding themselves on luxury vehicles that sport the latest in technology, Audi’s announcement is quite a feather in the HD cap. Not only does the medium gain a new association with a luxury brand but it also gains an automatic audience by becoming a standard.

Via DesignTaxi:

“As one of the world’s most progressive car companies, Audi strives to deliver on the pillars of its brand promise – performance and technology.

Incorporating HD Radio technology in upcoming models reflects that commitment,” said Johan de Nysschen, Audi of America’s executive vice president.

“We believe consumers will want to experience HD Radio broadcasting firsthand because, as with anything we put in our cars, the truth is in the engineering.”

Once integrated as standard equipment, these HD units will bring over 1,800 AM/FM stations and over 900 HD2/HD3 stations into the cars for your drive time entertainment. Since broadcast radio is listened to by more than 90% of the nation’s populace in any given week, Audi drivers will hardly lack for audio options.

Especially in these uncertain economic times, subscription-free offerings are of wide appeal. As belts tighten, this effect will become more pronounced, and the clarity of digital delivery is simply icing on the cake for those cutting back on their entertainment expenditures.

Photo courtesy of Fabio Aro, used under its Creative Commons license


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