WunderRadio is Wunderful!


Yes, that’s right everyone. There is yet another radio app for iPhone/iPod Touch! Seems like there is just an ongoing series of these being developed with new and more versatile apps turning up every few days.

This time it’s an application called WunderRadio, developed and brought to you by the folks at WeatherUnderground. Yes, that’s right, I said WeatherUnderground, but I am talking about the weather service not the radical group from the ’60s and ’70s. To answer the next question, no, it is not just weather radio. As a matter of fact, if the reviews are to be believed, it sounds like it gets more stations and has more capabilities than any of the other apps I have tried or reviewed so far.

Scott Kleinberg over at RedEyeChicago thinks it is the best thing since the iPhone itself:

Like Tuner and AOL Radio, it streams am and fm radio. But it’s so much more. It streams EVERY station on the planet, or so it seems. I’m talking about every station I’ve ever listened to. It has stations I’ve picked up while listening at night as a kid. It picks up the stations I listened to commuting in New York and New Jersey and in Pittsburgh. It even has the station I used to listen to to find out whether or not my school would be closed due to snow.

How much would you pay for all of this? Don’t answer. Because there’s more.

And boy is there more alright: NOAA Weather Radio along with radar, police and fire band scanners, genre- and location- based station searches and more. Mr. Kleinberg does an excellent job of presenting the features in a parody of the old Ron Popeil style, “But wait, there’s more!”

It does seem that there is a lot of buzz starting about this app, as evinced by Kleinberg’s title for his article, “Best Radio in App Store, Period!”. I hope to be able to bring you an interview with some of the folks at WeatherUnderground about this in the near future.

Photo courtesy of William Hook, used under its Creative Commons license


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