Election Day and Radio For The Deaf


The most awaited night of the year, the culmination of the most historic presidential election in American history, will be broadcast. For the first time in history, an African-American is not only on the ticket but also has a very real chance of winning. On the opposing ticket, a political unknown from Alaska — who is also female — holds the VP spot. There are so many mold-breaking aspects of this race already, and now it is time to add one more to the equation: radio.

Via The Earth Times:

On election night, millions of deaf and hard-of-hearing people will be able to experience live radio coverage for the first time, when NPR, Harris Corporation and Towson University simulcast the first ever live, captioned radio broadcast. NPR News’ extensive election night coverage will be simulcast in the new captioned radio format, providing accessible news and journalism to deaf and hard-of-hearing communities. Captioning for the historic broadcast is being provided by WGBH’s Media Access Group.

According to Gallaudet University, there are approximately 7 million people in the United States that are medically classified as either deaf or hard of hearing. In addition, there are over than 28 million that report having some form of hearing trouble. As we move into the last two weeks of this historic election season, it is reassuring to know that these millions will be able to follow along using a cutting edge iteration of our original broadcast medium.

Truly, these are exciting times. The full press release and links to the broadcast are available here.

Image courtesy of rye.bread, used under its Creative Commons license


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