Traditional Radio? Tag, You’re It! (iTunes Style)


There are lots of ways to add iTunes tagging now, be it while listening on a mobile device or HD Radio. There are more and more options every day that allow listeners to tag and purchase music through the popular iTunes service. One area still lagging has been classic, traditional broadcast. At least until now.

RadioTAGr is a service launched last week that allows listeners of over 2,500 traditional radio stations to log into their website to see real time artist/song info data and tag the song for future iTunes download.

RadioTAGr founder H.L. DeVore declared, “Free FM radio is the heart and soul of commercial music, it is where young teenagers continue to discover music they enjoy, even in this remarkably digital age.” He went on to note that the continued explosion of new music makes it harder for listeners to know what they are hearing and remember what they like. “The DJs and playlist managers of radio stations are more important than ever. They are our music gurus guiding us around the vast music landscape.”
The web based service offers an array of functionality including song tagging, direct access to the iTunes music stores, direct access to the Amazon mp3 music store, “sharing” functionality, direct streaming from online radio stations, and access to Ticketmaster ticket searches. There is a veritable cornucopia of features that are becoming standards in the increasingly social media driven world.
Tune in!

Photo courtesy of swnaksalot used under ts Creative Commons license


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