Radar Cultura Gets Social


Once more we cast our gaze at the cutting edge, a place where social media and broadcast blur together against the fractal landscape of evolving technology. As Facebook and Twitter become the words on everyone’s lips, change is hard to ignore.  “Social,” and “user generated content” have become the catchphrases often used by those trying to get a handle on the newly evolving business model.

Case in point: Radar Cultura, a small community station in the South end of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Using the tools of today’s socially driven Internet, they have enacted a collaborative model for station operations based on their use of Drupal, an open source content management system (CMS) known for its versatility and interactivity.

Via BBC News- Digital Planet:

“Any other radio station who wants to use the same system behind Radar Cultura, is able to download the software from Drupal’s website,” [creator Andre Avorio] added.

Much of the information published on the site is also released under the Creative Commons license so anyone can take and use it freely.

“The idea is to create collaborative radio and the audience is invited to produce everything,” said Leah Ranja, the station’s internet producer.

How interesting to find this so soon on the heels of my post about Creative Commons in radio. Not quite what I was speaking of, but still a vibrant and functional use of the CC system. It looks like Mr. Avorio deserves props for both innovation and implementation.

Check out the way they have embraced the social web: Radar Cultura on Flickr and on YouTube.

You know what? I really love finding stuff like this in the news!

Photo courtesy of RadioCultura used under its Creative Commons license


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