PPM Data: It’s All About the Urban and Spanish Language Stations!


Last Monday, Arbitron released the Portable People Meter (PPM) findings for September. The findings are not something I personally find surprising. They validate a trend I have observed for decades: Urban and Spanish Language programming are BIG!

The PPM findings show African-Americans or Spanish-Dominant Hispanics have the highest listening numbers of all the groups measured across the new PPM radio market.

  • New York: Steve Harvey on WBLS-FM ties for Number One among Persons 25-54 in a.m. drive
  • Chicago: “Piolin por La Manana” on WOJO-FM is Number One among Persons 18-34 in a.m. drive
  • Riverside-San Bernardino: KLYY-FM Spanish Adult Hits station is Number One (Persons 25-54)
  • San Francisco: KMEL-FM Hip-Hop/R&B station is Number One (Persons 18-34)

(Details are available on MarketWatch here.)

As someone who watched hip-hop take its first steps into the mainstream back in the 1980s, I cannot say I’m surprised in the least. Every day we step further away from the mono-cultural monolith of past programming.

Photo courtesy of roland, used under its Creative Commons license


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