Radio Reflections In a PC Screen


It is a sign of the modern age that you will find news in unexpected places. As we watch a convergent evolution occur before our eyes between “new media” and traditional media, this is especially true. Take Tim Bajarin’s recent piece in PC Magazine as an example.

A well known analyst in the technology industry and a regular contributor to PC Magazine, his voice is well known and his opinions respected by those in the tech field. This makes it a joy to read his endorsement of the Webcaster Settlement Act of 2008, especially since that endorsement is framed in a tour of the flavors of radio available now and how the medium impacted his life and memories growing up. His description of radio as “an old friend,” is natural and logical.

He speaks of the evolution of his own tastes growing up. In the beginning, the radio was for keeping up with sports, as teenage years arrived it became the music player and more…

The day President Kennedy was shot, I remember being let out of school before lunch. On the way home, for the first time, I listened to the news and reports of the assassination.

He speaks of moving toward TV as his central media source, something commonly perceived as the moving picture came into the living room. Then he waxes eloquent on Satellite and Internet radio, particularly the later. Is it any wonder this man hails the possibility of amicable settlement offered by the Settlement Act?

While traveling the world, he can tune in the streams of his local broadcasts stations back home for local sports scores. He can pull up Internet-only efforts like Pandora, efforts currently in jeopardy due to the  possibility of escalating royalty costs driving them out of business.

All sorts of radio options are available. I’m using the NPR widget in Google Desktop to listen to my local NPR station while I write this, for example.  I am glad to see that this conflict seems not only closer to a fair resolution but that in the process we are seeing people get back in touch with that “old friend.”

Poto courtest of andybee21, used under its Creative Commons license


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