Americana, The Next Hip Trend?


The term “Americana” is used to describe a mix of country, bluegrass, folk, blues, rock and American roots music that has gained popularity in the area of listener-supported radio over the past few years. Now a new survey polling 3,000 listeners across the nation point to its possible viability as the next new trend.

The survey was conducted online by Jonathan Little of TroyResearch and Lou Patrick of Evolution Research in August 2008. Findings were presented September 18 at the Americana Music Association Convention in Nashville, TN. Since their website expressly forbids copying of the findings — something I would suggest they change if they wish this info to spread widely — I would like to send interested readers to the Cybergrass: Bluegrass Music News Network to read the findings. Program managers may find some inspiration there.

I can attest to having noticed this trend in my city, but American roots music has always been big here in New Orleans. The accessibility and popularity of acts like The Asylum Street Spankers and the collaborative efforts of Robert Plant and Alison Krauss are an indicator of this trend. I would even go so far as to point out the popularity of MTV’s Unplugged series years ago as priming listeners for a more acoustic experience.

While I don’t know if this will be the next big thing or not, I am putting it on my list of things to watch.

Photo courtesy of Andyket, used under its Creative Commons license


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One Response to “Americana, The Next Hip Trend?”

  1. Jeffory Simmons Says:

    bingo. although it already happened. The past 2 or 3 years it’s been the big thing in independent music… from now on it’s commercialization of the trend i guess.

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