NAB Recognized with Top Award


The week before I left for Advertising Week in NYC, the NAB held a show in Austin which I have heard a lot of feedback from. Many people at Advertising Week had attended the prior event including most of my podcasting team. It is easy to see at least one reason so many people were talking about it, as the show garnered the “Highest Global Participation” award from Trade Show Executive magazine’s first annual Gold 100 Gala.

Via the NAB Press Release:

“We are honored to receive this prestigious award in recognition of the NAB Show’s role within the global community,” said NAB Executive Vice President of Conventions and Business Operations Chris Brown. “Our international attendance figures have been on the rise for years, as attendees worldwide recognize that the NAB Show is the must-attend global event for content professionals and the electronic media industry.”

Talk about global participation! There were 26,824 international attendees that came in from 166 countries for the 2007 show. This year, of the 105,259 people at the 2008 NAB Show, a record-high 28,310 were international attendees, with a 17% jump South American attendees, a 25% jump in Eastern European attendees, and additional increases of 21% from India and 20% from Central Asia. 451 international companies exhibited at the 2008 NAB Show, comprising 28% of all exhibitors!

With such an amazing array of participants, I imagine it must have been like the industry equivalent of the United Nations. I can only imagine the variety of languages and accents one must have been able to hear in the hallways between presentations.

On top of this news, the NAB Show was also honored by the same group as one of the “Gold 100,” for setting the standard for the trade show industry earning the event a listing in the TSE’s Gold 100 Directory which will be published soon. (More info is available at the TSE Web site at

I’m very sorry that I was unable to make this one. It sounds like a show to remember!

Show Logo courtesy of the National Association of Broadcasters


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