The Evolution of NPR


I tend to blog frequently about the evolution of radio in this age of social media and Internet audio. That is because I believe that while broadcast is still a vibrant and important thing, utilization of the vast array of new tools the Internet provides is both vital and necessary when expanding the traditional broadcast toolbox.

One group leading the way in this regard is National Public Radio (NPR). Earlier this week NPR, launched its newest Web 2.0 effort: an online community. Taking its place beside the podcasts and the library of open API’s it released earlier this past summer, the new community interface shows an embrace of the technological realities of our age while supporting rather than replacing traditional broadcast.

There is a nice little piece in Wired about this launch, my favorite part of which is the closing quote:

But while traffic has gone up in the past year (a 78 percent increase in August from last year according to comScore), it’s difficult to imagine too many core NPR listeners turning completely to the web instead of the radio.

You can’t read an article or watch a video while you’re driving to work.

Indeed not. And that is why I believe the digital evolution to be vital to radio’s growth but not a replacement for the medium that we know and love.

Photo courtesy of NCinDC, used under its Creative Commons license


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