Future Shock: Internet Radio at Ad Week


Well, after all of the writing I have done on this blog about the evolution of radio, it seems only fitting I should land a gig that drops me dead in the middle of that evolution. Right now I am spending a week in New York City, my home away from New Orleans, acting as a host and interviewer for a small temporary Internet Radio Station.

It’s Advertising Week V in NYC, and thanks to my colleague Doug Zanger, I’m here in the thick of things helping to create content for a an online station covering the festivities. Zanger is the mastermind at the helm of our sister site, RadioCreativeLand, and a Mercury Award winner with one heck of a resume under his belt in the field of broadcast. The station in question is WADVRadio, sponsored by Radio Heard Here and the Radio Advertising Bureau among others.

This is the event for those in the advertising field, a field which I am discovering encompasses much more than I was ever aware of.  I’ll be bringing you stories and interviews from the next several days as well as some glimpses into the operation of an Internet station.

To kick off, I like to share the interview I started the day with as Ad Week kicked off this morning: the first of the superstar chefs, Emeril Lagasse. [Listen Here]

Image courtesy of WADVRadio


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One Response to “Future Shock: Internet Radio at Ad Week”

  1. Sam Weaver Says:

    If I can help with the process of vocal delivery and presentation, please let me know.

    Radio Coach Sam Weaver
    1 888 680 RADIO

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