Hurricane Recovery On The Air


Down here on the Gulf Coast we have been pretty well battered by Hurricanes Gustav and Ike. Huge amounts of property and infrastructure damage have occurred throughout Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas leaving many homeless and bereft of resources.

As in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina three years ago, radio is stepping up to help support the impacted communities.

Via MarketWatch:

Specifically, [NAB President and CEO  David] Rehr asked stations to unite in a ‘roadblock’ effort, designating 1:00 p.m. EST on Friday, September 19 as a time when radio stations nationwide should consider airing the PSA simultaneously. Rehr is also urging stations to voluntarily air the PSA as much as possible. [Click here to hear it.]
“We salute the broadcasters in hurricane-affected areas who have risked their personal safety to stay on air throughout the storm and continue serving their communities with vital information,” wrote Rehr. “As thousands of radio broadcasters gather in Austin this week for the annual NAB Radio Show, this type of roadblock is a great way to give back and demonstrate the amazing power of radio in disaster relief efforts.” As someone who lives in New Orleans, an area still reeling three years later from the impact of Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita and the levee failure, I take efforts like this seriously. Very seriously indeed.

As someone who has been through this, I urge everyone who is able to please donate to hurricane relief. The residents of Galveston are still barred from returning and the reports I am receiving from radio people and bloggers in the area are grim.

Photo courtesy of pixthree, used under its Creative Commons license


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