A Trip Down Story Road


Stories. Everything from religion to family history is based upon stories. Stories are something I have a huge respect for. I come from a French Creole background steeped in tales, and I went on to marry the daughter of a folklorist. Factor in the minor detail that I pay my bills with my writing and it becomes easy to see why I have the appreciation of storytelling that I do.

Think of the legendary early days of broadcast. The serialized adventures of Sherlock Holmes and The Shadow are for many the first things to come to mind of this era. Stories of intrigue and adventure that are inextricably entwined with our image of the period. Stories are in many ways the DNA of culture.

KRFC up in Colorado is bringing stories to the air as they provide a platform for the oral narratives of local youth one Sunday a month in a program called Sandbox Stories. The other three Sundays are taken up by Story Time Radio, hosted by Katy Little, a show that presents tales from numerous viewpoints.

NoCo Moms talks about Sandbox Stories:

It features narratives from local youths, re-enacted by actors from the Sandbox Stories Theater Company.

“When I’m selecting stories for the show, it is about the honesty of the voice,” Sandbox founder and director Katie Cassis said. “That doesn’t mean the story has to be true or even (technically) good; just real. They have their whole lives to become ‘good’ writers. What we see here is an opportunity to open their voices up to other people.”

As the reach of radio has expanded to the point of being hard to escape, we have seen a number of different approaches to programming, many of them successful in wildly different ways. It is only natural that some radio stations would find a successful niche with the original entertainment form– the story.

More from NoCo Moms:

And that’s part of the beauty of the art of story telling – everyone has a story to tell, said Little, who got her start as a professional storyteller after studying anthropology at Colorado State University. Traveling around the world and being exposed to various cultures, she saw one commonality among all – the passing of history, culture and time through stories.

So dim the lights, pretend there’s a nice campfire in front of you and tune in to this week’s story!

Photo courtesy of umjanedoan, used under its Creative Commons license


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