Radio Still Beats All


Rasmussen Reports has performed a recent poll that shows what many of us in the industry already know: radio is still the top way in which Americans listen to music. The August poll sampled 1,830 music listeners with a 2% margin of error. Resulting data showed radio’s numbers exceeding those of CDs and MP3s.

Via The Minnesota Star-Tribune:

A plurality of adults (42 percent) said they still prefer to turn on their radios to listen to music. That beat the 25 percent of respondents who said they most often use a CD player when listening to tunes and 14 percent who use an MP3 player. Just under 10 percent turned to satellite radio while only 5 percent listened over their computer and a scant 1 percent used a tape deck, according to results of the survey released Thursday.

When you add in the finding that nearly two thirds of Americans listen to music on a daily or near daily basis, this becomes a weighty set of statistics. 90% of those surveyed did not belong to a monthly music download service at all.

Even in this wired age, a time that allows bloggers like me to be an aspect of radio, the very first of the broadcast media is still going strong. The Internet economy is massive and has an incredible reach, but it can only reach those with access to the machines and through them the web itself. Radio has become the great equalizer, a medium accessible to almost everyone on the planet in some fashion or another.

Equalizing, democratizing and still on top. How can you not love radio?

Photo courtesy of ralphunden, used under its Creative Commons license


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