Sports Radio Supercluster Grows In Mississippi


Debut Broadcasting Corporation, Inc., has just bought up another radio station in the Mississippi area. This is the third station added to the Vicksburg cell of their growing regional presence. It is also a station that will be making a sharp transition, going from Christian programming to all sports talk radio driven by Debut’s deal with ESPN.

Via MarketWatch:

The company expects the addition of the new ESPN Radio 1420 to increase revenues by 30 percent or more within six months, increasing overall contribution margins and cash flow in the Miss. Super-Regional Cluster at a greater proportion.
“Since our company expanded into Vicksburg as the next step in construction of our Super-Regional Cluster in Miss., the need for a sports station has been obvious,” said Steven Ludwig, CEO of Debut Broadcasting. “As we’ve worked with the staff, researched audiences, and discussed the needs of our advertising customers it’s been a high priority for us to figure out how to add sports into our mix. ESPN Radio 1420 is easily a perfect fit to provide the audience with all the most up to date information from the sports world.”
This will make eight radio stations operated by Debut in the Southeastern U.S., and a really good one to add from their perspective. The station was in a positive cash flow state before the local marketing agreement (LMA) was signed.
Debut is known for syndication, selling pre-recorded radio programs and related services to more than 1,400 AM and FM stations in the U.S. and Canada, and reaching more than 45 million listeners per week, so it is hardly surprising that ESPN driven national sports content is a key aspect of the deal. According to the press release, plans are in place to develop local content as well covering everything down to high school football. I’m from the Gulf South, and I can see this really gaining steam fast in the sports fanbase of the area.

Photo courtesy of LordSutch, used under its Creative Commons license


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