A Missive From My Exile


As regular readers are aware, I am a New Orleanian. As a result, I have been caught in a bad flashback to three years ago for the last several days. It took 13 hours to get from New Orleans to Hattiesburg, MS, with our four cats in a friend’s car. In the past three days, I have had four hours of sleep on a friend’s floor mid-route.

Regular radio blogging will resume within the day. In the meantime, I will be assessing the situation with Hurricane Gustav in a way that truly illustrates why I have the views I have about radio. Even stuck in Ohio, I can get my local radio station and news from the ground by streaming their signals. This is my only reliable media stream because it is coming from the ground. Being displaced puts a whole new emphasis on the idea of local content. It also illustrates the power of radio using the AM/FM band to reach those who stayed behind and streaming to reach the 2 million of us that are once more scattered to the four winds.

So there you have it, exile and radio evolution in a single post. Even sleep deprivation will not stop your humble narrator.


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