The iTunes Download: Now On The Radio!


Here we go! A little technological cross pollination to help start your day off on an interesting foot! As new media continues its ongoing and rapid evolution and digital music players become as ubiquitous as Walkmans back in the ’80s, we find that radio is not only advancing with them but also is finally becoming integrated into the new picture of audio entertainment for the 21st Century!

Check out this bit from Lost Remote, a site whose tag line is “Local Media and the Battle for the Web”:

While some in the radio business cringe when they think of the popularity of iTunes and in-car iPods, mega radio syndicator Premiere Radio Networks has created a new show called The iTunes Download that counts down the 30 most downloaded iTunes songs. And it’s hosted by iTunes Director of Music Programming Alex Luke. “Radio is where more music buyers first hear what they want to buy and iTunes is the place they go to do it — now we’re connecting the two,” said Luke. I don’t know about you, but I don’t listen to the radio to hear the same songs over and over again (like many stations still do), but I listen to discover new music that I might add to my iPod playlists. Understanding that shift — from pure entertainment to discovery engine — is important for music radio stations to navigate the years ahead.

This seems to be a solid integration of classic broadcast and new technology, something that we should be seeing more and more of as developers continue to explore the ever widening range of tech available. It has the added advantage of taking a more “new media” stance as far as the role of each element: broadcast for discovery, iTunes and Internet-based delivery systems for purchase.

Evolution. I use this word constantly and with good reason. As everyone from the huge conglomerates to the independently owned public stations has realized, the game is changing. At the moment, it’s like playing poker with half the cards wild. With forethought and mental agility, it can be a chaotic but profitable game.

I’ll take two cards, please.

Photo courtesy of tanais, used under its Creative Commons license


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