Radio Cadena Es Buena!


Martín Llorens is well known as an expert in fashion and beauty. Now he is an expert with the power of broadcast, reaching America’s fastest growing demographic: Hispanics.

On August 15, Univision Radio announced that Mr. Llorens has been signed as the new host for “Hola Martin,” a spanish language program focused on lifestyle and entertainment. Not only that, but the show will have a national presence since it is being broadcast on fifteen Radio Cadena stations across the United States. Radio Cadena is Univision Radio’s national network of AM stations.

Via Della de Lafuente of MediaWeek:

Kmart is the chief sponsor for the weekday call-in program, which features practical advice from Llorens on lifestyle topics, including beauty, fashion, health and wellness and even homework. Guests include celebrities, musical acts and other entertainers. Llorens’ program went on the air June 30, per a Univision representative.

“Hola Martín” airs in major Hispanic markets including, Los Angeles (KTNQ); New York (WADO); Miami (WQBA); Chicago (WRTO); Houston (KLAT); San Antonio (KCOR); San Francisco (KLOK); Dallas-Ft.Worth (KFLC); McAllen (KGBT); San Diego (XERCN) and others.

Geared for a youthful demographic in a market acknowledged to be expanding, the program seems to have high potential. Gary Stone, President and COO of Univision Radio, has been quoted as saying that it will tackle topics and entertainment “not addressed on other Spanish-language talk radio programs.” Between that and the program’s partnership with advertiser Kmart, this could go far.

“‘Hola Martín’ offers marketers a powerful outlet for reaching Hispanics on air, on site and online,” said David Lawenda, president, advertising sales and marketing, Univision Communications Inc, in a statement.

In the midst of all of the technological advancements we see everyday, it is interesting to run across stories like this. AM radio is not what one thinks of when industry advances or innovation enter the conversation, however stories like this illustrate its continued relevance. Not bad for a format that “was on its last legs” with the advent of FM, eh?

Food for thought. (Huevos Rancheros in this case, mmmmm…..)

Photo courtesy of DF Shapinsky for MultiMedia, used under its Creative Commons license


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