Ladies and Gentlemen, President Bush and Senator McCain


Since our last post looked at the Democratic Party using radio as a vehicle for their message, this time we’ll be looking at the Republican Party’s use of the airwaves. While the Democratic address we looked at last time was concerned with domestic affairs, President Bush’s had a focus halfway around the world.

President Bush and Senator McCain used the address to call upon Russia to restore its relationship with the international community while also warning against future altercations with Georgia. He noted that the Russian invasion of Georgia coming rapidly in the wake of Georgia applying for NATO membership was an event with larger implications within the global political arena, particularly in the west.

Here is a quote via Jackie Kucinich at The Hill:

“In recent years, Russia has sought to integrate into the diplomatic, political, economic, and security structures of the West…The United States has supported those efforts,” Bush said. “Now Russia has put its aspirations at risk by taking actions in Georgia that are inconsistent with the principles of those institutions.”

Senator McCain then followed up by using the recent upheavals in Georgia to argue in favor of domestic energy production, citing skyrocketing gas and oil prices as the results of dependence upon foreign sources.

Photo courtesy of Image Editor, used under its Creative Commons license


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