Ladies and Gentlemen, Speaker Nancy Pelosi!


As predicted, writing this blog during election season means occasionally drifting into the realm of the political. So it is today. The Democratic Radio Address for the morning of the 16th will be delivered by Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

In the address she is supposed to touch on the subject of new legislation brought forward to combat rising energy and gas prices. Renewable resources are also supposed to be covered. The address will air on Saturday, August 16 at 11:06 am (EDT) and will be broadcast on a wide variety of major radio networks across the nation and the world including the AP, ABC, NPR, CBS Radio, CNN Radio, Fox News Radio, C-SPAN, Armed Forces Radio Network, American Urban Radio Network, Voice of America Radio Network, BBC Radio, CBC Radio, and Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Thanks to Market Watch being on top of their press releases, we even have a few preview quotes from it to share with you:

“During the past eight years, our energy policy has been directed by the two oil men in the White House. Their failed policy has increased our dependence on foreign oil, damaged our economy, and left consumers paying record prices at the pump.
Senator Barack Obama and congressional Democrats support a comprehensive energy plan to invest in clean, renewable resources like wind, solar and biofuels, and promote greater efficiency and conservation.
This comprehensive Democratic approach will ensure energy independence which is essential to our national security, will create millions of good paying jobs here at home in a new green economy, and will take major steps forward in addressing the global climate crisis.”
Those of you who wish to hear her speak know to tune in and the rest know not to. This site is about radio, not politics. I’ll discuss the former but not the latter on this platform. As usual though, we see radio being used to reach around the globe and across other more intangible boundaries.

Photo courtesy of Jay Inslee, used under its Creative Commons license


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